We focus on providing clients with alternative energy to the national grid to ensure dependability and reliability.


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We remain one of the leading suppliers, distributors, and service providers of power-generating sets and equipment for Kenya and East Africa.


We are huge fans of renewal energy, so we offer affordable solar panels of all makes and models as an alternative to national grid power.

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Generac values all types of customers, from small scale to large-scale solar solutions for buildings.


Generator as Power Solution

In many African countries, the national power grid needs to be improved/increased to meet the needs of evergrowing businesses and residences. However having a backup generator, is an effective and important power source to have in the event of a power outage.

Business and Residency Generator Power Solution

For most African nations, the national grid isnt sufficient for the needs of both the business places and the residences; they are in constant blackouts/power outages, have extremely slow and unreliable servicing in case of a problem with electricity services, repairs and maintenance, are constantly having the costs fluctuating, mostly upwards instead of downwards.

should you really invest in a backup generator?

Whether it’s something as simple as providing power to your SME or something bigger like powering a huge data center, it’s important that a power outage doesn’t leave your organization offline. Having a backup generator, will protect you against any potential power outages.


SOLAR as Power Solution

We are an EPC and O&M contractor for utility scale solar power projects. Building on extensive experience of its founders and staff in developing large scale solar projects for Kenya and the rest of Africa. We are well
positioned to meet your challenges of the rapidly growing African solar market/industry  

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Generac Engineering Ltd is a company that specializes in power and electrical solutions. We design, install and maintain industrial generators, electronic and electrical systems, solar panels, battery backup products, and accessories.

As a company, we have extensive experience, and our staff members bring their expertise to the table. Our focus is on customer satisfaction, and we strive to provide high-quality products and services at affordable rates.

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Generac values all its clients regardless of whether they need a small diesel power generator for home-lighting purposes or a real-estate conglomerate needing a solar power solution to a power-guzzling skyscraper as its primary power source.



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