Generator & Solar Consumables

We, Generac, remain one of the leading suppliers, distributors, and service providers of power-generating sets and equipment for Kenya and East Africa.

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Uninterrupted power solutions

High quality and reliable generator Consumables

We also provide a range of consumables for your generators including but not limited to:

1. Engines and parts (Gen Power, Arken, Perkins, Cummins, CAT and all reputables brands no matter what engine you have, Diesel Generator and Marine Specification engines and their parts are available for you),

2. Alternators and Spares (Alternators for generators sets from reputable manufactures),

3. Automatic Voltage Regulators – AVRs (We supply/install the best quality AVRs for ac curate control of field current of the alternator to keep the output voltage constant.

Business & Residency power Solutions. Satisfaction Guaranteed

Generac values all its clients regardless of whether they need a small diesel power generator for home-lighting purposes or a real-estate conglomerate needing a solar power solution to a power-guzzling skyscraper as its primary power source.


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Other Power Solution Services


Generator designing

Do you know what generator can cater to your needs? Where best to place it on your premises? Need to know which brand or model lasts the longest?


Generator installation

Our team of experts have installed so many generators we have lost count of how many. The combined experience shared by our staff members would make our competitors green with envy. Yes, envious.


Generator maintenance

Regular servicing not only ensures that generator engines run efficiently and economically, but prevents costly breakdowns and unplanned downtimes.

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